Intra Harena

Prove you are worthy...


Is this for you?


Experience the blinding light and the crushing waves of Sonnenmasse through the massive production at the Perth Arena, in an exclusive stadium show for just you and a friend...

Imagine an epic space, heaving with bass frequency, awash in a sensory experience like no other, including food, wine, merchandise and a backstage meet and greet with the artist.

5 golden tickets will be made available, and competition will be fierce.

Selection will be based on rabid enthusiasm, merit, and the absurdist quality/sheer audacity of your application.

For each week of the FRINGEWORLD festival a new creative challenge will be laid down, and finally, one couple will be chosen at random.


A physical ticket will be hidden in the Perth CBD.
You will be given clues as to how to find it.
Look up! Look down! Explore your built environment!


A dance battle.
In the interests of inclusion and accessibility, priority with be given to contestants with ‘Dance Ability’


Trade an item or service of equal or greater value!
This is an opportunity to play with our constructed notions of value and wealth!Breakfast in bed? Do our tax? Wash our feet? Build us a bird bath?

We have bizarre and exotic tastes!
Show us what you’ve got!

*We are not open to cash bribes. Although in the spirit of this exercise we will accept transfers of crypto currency.


Create a media artwork responding to the architectural form of the Perth Arena in any medium.

Animated GIFS? Music? Photography? Dance film? Body modification? Poetry? All of the above?

Start now. Document your process.


A randomised lottery, a wildcard. All in.
We’ll pick a final winner with some kind of algorithmic cat magic.

Fortune favours the bold and the beautiful, but lady luck will out!

Sound like you?

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